Model United Nations

„Honourable Chairs, Fellow Delegates, Esteemed Guests, …“ - A typical way to start a speech at a Model United Nations conference. But what is MUN? And why is there a club like this at our school? Well, MUN can be described in many ways… long days, sleepless nights (for various reasons), new people, old friends, a LOT of opinions, and a crazy amount of experiences gained. When you combine all these snippets, it all comes out as a simulation of the United  Nations. Participants play the roles of actual delegates of various countries – you can become a diplomat for some time representing e.g. the USA, Russia or any other. You then discuss current topics that are relevant right now in the whole world. In the end you draft and finish resolutions, just like at the real UNO in New York.


These simulations take place all over the world. Over the years our MUN club has been to conferences in Prague, Rome or even New York! This year we decided to discover another beautiful city in Eastern Europe: the city of Poznan with the POZMUN conference taking place in the second week of January. Some may say that it was a crazy idea to travel for eight hours and spend four days away when the most important exams of our lives, the Abitur were just two weeks ahead of us. Yet, when we look back at it, all the stress was worth it. We had a great time, discovered a region we had never been to before and had the chance to recruit delegates for our own conference. Further on we also visited local MUN conferences here in Prague such as GOMUN and PORGMUN.

As I am writing this text, there is only one final part missing for this year's MUN AG, that being DSPMUN 2019, taking place between the 21st and 24th of June 2019. We are hosting our own conference which will welcome over 200 people from over 20 nationalities. The theme of the conference this year is „Settling Conflicts in the Middle East and South Asia“with specific topics being discussed in our 9 committees.

In case you‘re interested in seeing the procedures of DSPMUN don‘t hesitate and join the AG. Ms Meinel and Mr Kistler tutor us, and you can just talk to them!

Giulia Teufel, Anne Meinel and Hans Kistler